F-M Walleyes Unlimited, Inc.

FM Walleyes Unlimited, Inc. incorporated in 1977 to promote conservation, sportsmanship and education of walleye fishing in the greater Fargo - Moorhead area.

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F-M Walleye Facts:

  • Founded in 1975
  • Incorporated 1977
  • 2011 Inductee in the Fresh water Hall of Fame
  • 2015 Inducted into the North Dakota Fishing Hall of Fame
  • Member of ND Sport Fishing Congress
  • Minnesota member & representative:
    - Walleye Advisory Comm.,
    - MN DNR Roundtable,
    - MN Walleye Stamp Comm. and
    - MN Aquatic Invasive Species Legislative Summit. 

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Walleyes-R-Us is a fun & competitive fishing league founded on fishing for walleyes in the lakes in and around the Detroit Lakes/Perham, MN area.

The National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) is a non-profit, member-based association whose mission is to increase the professionalism of its members, working to grow and protect sportfishing.

F-M Walleyes Unlimited Inc.

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March Anglers' Night

Thursday, March 21, 2019


Early Season Walleye Tactics

with Joel Nelson

  Join us Thursday, March 21 for the March meeting and annual "Anglers' Night" event.  To kicking-off the open water season, we will feature Joel Nelson of Joel Nelson Outdoors sharing insights into "Early Season Open Water Tactics".

  Joel is a well-known TV/ Media personality in the fishing and hunting industry. A self-admitted "fish nerd," Nelson holds advanced degrees in the natural sciences, including fisheries and digital mapping,allowing him to both think like a fish and find them. Annually, he participates in numerous TV, radio,and writing venues, highlighting relevant stories on his website - Joel Nelson Outdoors.

  Joel works with the biggest names in iceĀ­ fishing,open-water, and hunting;all while focusing on genuine experiences and the how-to's he's been afforded the opportunity to learn along the way.

  The doors open at 6:30 pm, business meeting 7:00 with seminar to follow. Event is open to the public and will take place at the Ramada Wyndham 13th Avenue South in Fargo. If you like what you hear and see consider becoming a member, annual dues are $25 for the year.

The evening, is sponsored by: 

Ray's Sport & Marine,

      Lund Boats,

            Mercury Marine


For more information contact contact Kyle Agre, President (701) 492-1242, or Brenton Hell, V. President (701) 360-1177.

Attention Lapsed Members... If you recently stopped receiving announcements and emails from FM Walleyes, you membership dues have lapsed for more than 60 days and your contact information has been archived should you return to membership. Simply click on the "Join Us" tab above to get reentered.
If you have any questions please contact Membership@fmwalleyes.com.

"Young Anglers'  Activity"

  The next youth education clinic  will be April . Check back here to register.

  Kids, with the adults attending  receive training in safety and equipment usage, followed by a hands-on  workshop.

  If you are new to this site, click on the events calendar tab for more information, as well as Like Us on Facebook to receive monthly updates.

  For more information contact Dave Wasness or call (701) 361-5999.

"Exclusive Anglers' Apparel"

  F-M Walleyes Unlimited, Inc. web store is now  up and running. Get these items below only at the online store and for a limited. Order Deadline is March 11, 2019.

  The order will then be produced and bulk-shipped to the club in time for distribution at the April meeting. All orders must be paid online.
(Clothing runs true to size) .



A limited selection of inventoried apparel such as caps and some shirts can be purchased at the meeting. 


Eventually, we will be moving all appear to online purchasing .

Contact Rick Mohan for specifics

Upcoming events

Ice Awareness for Anglers, Hunters

F-M Walleyes is urging all winter anglers to use extreme caution when venturing out on ice. Ice thickness is never consistent, especially early in winter, and can vary significantly on the same body of water. Edges become firm before the center.

A few reminders include:

  • Snow insulates ice, which in turn inhibits solid ice formation, and hides cracks, weak and open water areas.
  • Avoid cracks, pressure ridges, slushy or darker areas that signal thinner ice. The same goes for ice that forms around partially submerged trees, brush, embankments or other structures.
  • Ice thickness is not consistent and can vary significantly even in a small area. Ice shouldn’t be judged by appearance alone. Anglers should drill test holes as they make their way out on the lake, and an ice chisel should be used to check ice thickness while moving around.
  • Daily temperature changes cause ice to expand and contract, affecting its strength.
  • The following minimums are recommended for travel on clear-blue lake ice formed under ideal conditions. However, early in the winter it’s a good idea to double these figures to be safe: 4 inches for a group walking single file; 6 inches for a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle; 8-12 inches for an automobile; and 12-15 inches for a pickup/truck.

These tips could help save a life:

  • Wear a personal flotation device and carry a cell phone.
  • Carry ice picks or a set of screwdrivers to pull yourself back on the ice if you fall through.
  • If someone breaks through the ice, call 911 immediately. Rescue attempts should employ a long pole, board, rope, blanket or snowmobile suit. If that’s not possible, throw the victim a life jacket, empty water jug or other buoyant object. Go to the victim as a last resort, but do this by forming a human chain where rescuers lie on the ice with each person holding the feet of the person in front.

To treat hypothermia, replace wet clothing with dry clothing and immediately transport victim to a hospital.

Want to know more? 

Check out our events page for details on this and many other ongoing opportunities to get involved at F-M Walleyes Unlimited, Inc. 

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